By Donna Ambler on 3 October 2012

As a home-based small business operator, you need to know you've got the right support people out there when you need them. For the second time in a fortnight I've needed a knight in shining armour to come to my resuce - it's the curse of being a sole practitioner. Last week I needed rescuing from a graphic design problem. This week it was an IT mini disaster.

One of things I recognised I would miss the most when I left the comfort of full-time employment was the luxury of having an in-house IT support team at the end of the phone. The biggest issue is that IT is such an unknown. As adults, we know the power of Control-Z, but we also have an inbuilt fear that our techy-savvy children don't know. We know from experience that things you delete or keys you press in error can't always be undone.

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