By Donna Ambler on 18 December 2012

'm close to finalising all my New Year's resolutions already and it's not even Christmas yet. I've finallly realised I need to stop coming to other people's rescue. While I don't recall the last time I took a forgotten trumpet, recorder or lunch box to school, I did recently step up to help out yet another committee where there was a vacancy. This time I took on the chair's role - fully aware that I was rescuing the team, instead of taking on something that I knew I had the time to do. The problem is that something now has to give!

I've made a bit of a habit of acting as the rescuer. It's something that often sits comfortably with control freaks like me. I am registrar of our soccer club because we could see there would be a vacancy that nobody was willing to take on due to a retirement. But now I can see that I will be there until my own retirement. Then I stepped up to manage my son's cricket team because there wasn't a coach. But my worst offence this year was to take on the publicity role at cricket .... via text message! To top it all off, I wasn't at the meeting because I wanted to avoid being roped into something and was at home at the time, reconciling the school canteen accounts for the P&C!

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